Original NFT art

A native Solana project

By using the Solana blockchain, you can ensure you don't lose any money by bidding on art, and thanks to the permaweb Arweave network, you can ensure you don't lose any of your data, ever.

With a clear path forward šŸš€


Gen 0 - Non generative art auctions

If you're amongst the first people to own a Metropolis NFT you will be elegible for Gen 1 - Generative art and non generative art airdrops. Yes, you hear it, you'll have the chance to be awarded new art for free. *


Gen 1 - Generative art sales and airdrops

Following Gen 0, new original art will be created, accepting commissions, and at the same time, we're offering a chance to mint unique generative art. Will you be the lucky one to mint a one-of-a-kind piece of art?


Gen 2 - Into the metaverse

Why stop on the generative art? Let's build a metaverse together! New 3D models and initial Augmented-Reality content.


Gen 3 - From art to gaming and tokenomics

Because why not? Let's make a gamified experience where all theĀ MetropolitansĀ can interact with each other, own their tokens, land, art, whatever; let's make a new world!.